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For Weston selectperson

Congratulations to Chris Houston upon his election as Selectman.

Chris ran a vigorous campaign, and I wish him success in helping to govern our wonderful town.  We want many of the same things for Weston, and I look forward to working with him.
David Mendelsohn brought insight and experience to the campaign, and I am appreciative of his commitment to public service, and of our new friendship.

Thank you to all of my supporters, and particularly to my campaign team of Adrienne Giske, Marissa Morra, Alicia Primer, and election day volunteers Roy Chatalbash, Carolyn, Kyra and Brooke Spaulding, Michael Glynn, John Hennessey, Adam Newman, Lauren Chacon, Phyllis Halpern, and Dr. John Burress. 

I am grateful for the encouragement and wise counsel that you provided during the campaign.  I know that we’ll continue to work together.

Alex Selvig